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Putting up with Medium/Short Hair.

One of my secrets to growing out short hair has been wearing my hair “up”. A lot of girls don’t realize that they can and SHOULD pin their hair back while growing it out. One it is usually far more flattering on your face shape and two it provides variety while trying to grow out your hair.


This look was achieved by curling the top layer of short hair and then putting on a scarf – tease as needed and hair spray!!!



This is a great and easy look to get when you have short hair – and it changes it up! Just grab a bobby pin, twist and pin!



The above picture it to show length – this is still considered short hair – it is not a bob and it was shorter in the back.It’s a semi-“A-line”. The pictures below are some looks I did with this length.


(A braided front – also similar to the twist with the pixie).


Simple sides pulled back and pinned – bangs stay down.


All hair pulled back – top and sides – away from face. You can still see my back is short here, but from the front it looks like an updo.


Here my hair is much longer but I curled it to add texture and then braided the front.



Middle part, all pulled back – creates the illusion of long hair in an updo.


Same look as above – just to show again! It is easy and fast – I did it in the hospital after having my daughter 🙂



This time all of it’s pinned back since it is longer in the back at this point – I have a side bang out though.



Inside out braid on both sides and then pinned in the back – the back is super messy in the above picture but who cares!





This is an all over “wreath” braid – it is done around the whole head and can be done on shorter hair. It is a more advance style but again I have it on here to show variety.


This style can be duplicated by curling all over, and then sloppily pinning back small sections to be met in the back. I will be posting a tutorial of this technique in the near future.


Another example of “wreath” braid (my hair was no longer than chin length).


Longer version of pinning it all up with a side bang.




Sloppy pulled back bun. Hair is just shoulder length.



Messy natural wave and curls – all pulled back in a short ponytail.


Growing Short Hair Out.


January 2012.  Pixie short.


February 2013. About one year later this is how long my hair had gotten. I wore it back a lot during the awkward phases – about to enter into the second awkward phase of growing hair out.


Here it is down in March 2013.


Got some color in it! Helped with me getting “bored” with my hair. April 2013.


By Thanksgiving (November) 2013 it is finally touching my shoulders.

IMG_6990Now – January 2014.

Just getting to be “medium length”. My cut is horrible because I have been cutting it and coloring it myself. However I just am trying to let it grow so I have stayed away from the salon and just trimmed it at home (ladies please don’t do this – I know what I am doing and you can really butcher your hair if you do it at home – I am a licensed stylist and I STILL think I have butchered mine).

Jan. 2012 – Jan. 2014.




During my pregnancy I documented my growing bump with a corresponding fruit. It also just so happened to document my ever changing hair. So since I haven’t updated the daily wear in some time this should get this page up to speed. Special thanks to Rebekah Hoyt Photography for these gorgeous photos! You are an […]

Short hair updo

I haven’t updated in a very long time! I am growing my short hair out and I am not doing much with it except wearing hats. Until today! I curled it and pinned it back!!!





Yes it is possible for a short pixie blonde to go all the way with 18″ & 14″ extensions. Here is a sneak peek!!!

More to come, along with a how to video!!!


2012 Gym Hair.

Happy New Year! Headed to the gym to work off all the great holiday foods I’ve been indulging in and I thought I’d share my easy short gym hair style.

Going to the gym before style.


When i go workout I pin my fringe to the side. Doing this helps prevent breakouts on the forehead and avoids your hair from unattractively sticking to your face as well.


Happy 2012 everyone! Make good on those resolutions!


Pixie in Paris

Okay so I didn’t go to Paris but I did
go to Italy and in honor of that I cut all my hair the same way I had it in the fall of 2007 when I lived in Firenze.