Growing Short Hair Out.

by mrsaliwear


January 2012.  Pixie short.


February 2013. About one year later this is how long my hair had gotten. I wore it back a lot during the awkward phases – about to enter into the second awkward phase of growing hair out.


Here it is down in March 2013.


Got some color in it! Helped with me getting “bored” with my hair. April 2013.


By Thanksgiving (November) 2013 it is finally touching my shoulders.

IMG_6990Now – January 2014.

Just getting to be “medium length”. My cut is horrible because I have been cutting it and coloring it myself. However I just am trying to let it grow so I have stayed away from the salon and just trimmed it at home (ladies please don’t do this – I know what I am doing and you can really butcher your hair if you do it at home – I am a licensed stylist and I STILL think I have butchered mine).

Jan. 2012 – Jan. 2014.