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Paige Boy

In between cutting off my hair my dear friend Erin Gallagher cut my hair into a very retro Paige Boy. She executed it perfectly. Here is a picture of her magnificent work.



On the up & up

Haven’t posted in awhile! Fall has kicked off and I am super busy! More fun hair photos to come! Here is what I did with it today. A fast simple updo!


Back in Black… Er Blonde.

So I have been on a hiatus from blogging. Sincere apologies are in order… sincere apologies to my poor hair. It has been dyed and fried and pushed aside. I am back to blonde. In defense of the red I actually loved it. But when you are a natural red and you deposit red on very lightened hair it does not want to stay for very long. So the fadeige along with having to redeposit almost every week or two was way too high maintenance for me.

Given that I have now bleached my whole head – my hair is holding up wonderfully. I had almost no breakage and the next day did a Keratin Protein treatment so now my hair is shiny and feels soft and silky!

With out further ado… here it is. (For details on how I came back from the dead see below the pics.)

I'm back to matching my sweet pup Reese... now we are both legally blonde again!!!

So in my previous post – I had done two rounds of highlighting. I waited two weeks to do this process after the highlighting. In those two weeks I was doing one protein treatment a week and only washing my hair once a week to allow my hair time to heal. I also got a haircut so get rid of the dead ends.

For this process we (my friend Gemma did this for me) used decolorizer (aka bleach). It was first applied to my mid shaft of my hair (not touching roots or damaged ends (about two-three inches of my ends were left out to prevent breakage. This process was applied all over with 20 volume. We then applied bleach to my roots with the bleach still on my shaft, much like you would apply color. After my roots were lifted to the desire level we washed all the bleach out. We then mixed bleach with 40 volume and shampoo and bleach bathed the ends, in this process you basically wash the ends (that we had left out in the process) and emulsify the hair till it is the desire level. After washing all of that bleach out thoroughly we applied an Ash blonde toner (Schwarzkopf Royal 10-2, 1:2).

The High Life.




Going back blond has proved to be a very difficult task. Thanks to my fellow stylist Gemma Tripodi, Erin Gallagher and Erica Spaneli for the highlights. Erin did round one last week and this past week we put 84 foils in my head to “blond by foil”. So here is the strawberry color I am now… It won’t be changing for awhile since my hair can’t take anymore. We toned the first round with Schwarzkopf  9-5 and then this second time we toned with Schwarzkopf 10-4, which is a beige level 10.



The Ballet Bun.

The Ballet Bun done two different ways.

The on top of the head high ballet bun. New York style.


From behind - The lower middle of the head ballet bun

From the front - Bangs are down and in the middle with this bun look.

Less is more.

I have been trying to embrace my fair skin since I had to stop going to the fake and bake in 2009. It’s been two years since I have been in the cancer box and I have to admit sometimes I still miss my golden tan. Sigh…. Anyways it has taken me awhile to also learn how to do my makeup on my fair days (between spray tans and self tanner <3, which can look very natural if done right!).

Today I opted for a lot less bronzer and used Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick as my blush. Kept it light on the eyes and loaded on the mascara with just a hint of liner. Also may I add that I did my makeup at 8am did some errands then ran 2 miles at the gym (didn’t want to have to redo my makeup so this is NOT retouched at all), did more errands, came home and cleaned  and it still looked like this at 3pm! Low maintenance all day makeup! 🙂

Foundation & Cover up: Makeup Forever, Blush: Bobbi Brown Pink Shimmer Brick, Eyes: Dior mascara, Stila Smudge Stick waterproof brown eyeliner, and Stila eye shadow, Lips: Bobbi Brown Retro Pink. 

its a long story.

Adventures in hair extensions. Theses are 12″ hair extensions that are clip ins that I made myself. Usually nice clip in hair extensions run about $100 to $120 per pack but I only spent $35 on mine! 🙂

why so serious?